SADO works with local government agencies and communities across Somalia to improve access to water and sanitation services in the areas where they operate. SADO provides CSW programs that compose of:

  1. Water supply and sanitation
    drilling wells and installation of water infrastructure to improve access to safe clean water, constructing and managing pit latrines, and waste management services including sanitation facilities and pit emptying services.
  2. Hygiene education and behavior change
    SADO works with communities to provide hygiene education and behavior change for women, men, boys and girls. This not only leads to improved hygiene conditions and health, but is also a way for SADO to educate the general public about the importance of healthy hygiene.
  3. Provision of hygiene kits and NFIs
    SADO provides hygiene kits to women and girls as well as other vulnerable populations. These include items such as soap, buckets and chlorination tablets and sanitary pads. SADO also provides shelter kits to IDPs and resturnees.
  4. Integrated communications to improve CSW
    SADO uses printed materials, radio, and social marketing strategies such as advertisements in order to raise awareness and promote improved hygiene throughout Somalia