The program aims to contribute to household economic prosperity, food diversification and social protection. The strategic interventions areas will revolve around access to social safety nets, enhancing production and facilitating access to markets

A livelihood comprises capabilities, assets and activities required for a means of living, and are regarded as sustainable when it can cope with and/or recover from stresses and shocks. Sustainable food security and livelihoods strategies help people to meet their immediate and future needs; enhance their dignity and voice; empower them economically, politically and socially; and develop the localities which they belong to and live in. When people are able to produce, sell, earn, and invest in the future they can shape, influence, contribute to and benefit from civil society and good government as well as be the drivers of change leading to poverty reduction. Some of our Strategic Interventions are

(a) Facilitate access to food and other basic needs to chronically vulnerable groups through cash transfers, food vouchers, relief food and cash for work
(b) Organizing communities and other relevant stakeholders towards establishing/ reinvigorating social support systems
(c) Facilitate access to social protection measures and safety nets for chronically vulnerable people to prevent people them from slipping into chronic poverty / vulnerability during periods of ‘shock’.