SADO works with local communities to build resilience and peace in South-Central Somalia. These projects include:

  1. SADO trains youth in community-built leadership roles as leaders in their communities. They also receive vocational training for jobs and employment opportunities which deters young men and women from engaging in violence and acts of terrorism
  2. Inter-community and intra-community reconciliation programs SADO works on building reconciliation within affected communities and across all state boundaries to improve security, stability and development of the region. It also contributes to camaraderie and cohesion across ethnic lines
  3. SADO works with local women to help them take on leadership roles in conflict affected communities in order to bring about political and social change. Through building their role in peace and conflict advocacy efforts, women can be empowered to move beyond the traditional roles of childrearing and domestic work to participate in local and national development processes. SADO also provides women with a platform for expression of concerns and issues that are important to them
  4. Refugee resettlement and reintegration SADO works with the UNHCR to provide essential services for refugee returnees and internally displaced persons (IDPs) in various parts of Somalia. This includes food and non-food items, intra -community reconciliation, protection and access to livelihoods in the areas where they operate