The following are the policies and procedure manuals of SADO

Governance Manual

The changing environment for development organizations creates the need for effective governance structures and or reforms. This environment is characterized by amongst others heightening accountability expectations, quests for professionalization of NGOs & increased competition for limited funds. NGOs are also required by various statutory stipulations to have a sound governance structures for purposes of accountability, oversight and strategic leadership. This manual sets out various elements of the SADO governance as well as its operations where:

(a) Governance refer to the overall oversight initiatives of the board towards the purpose, plans and policies of the overall organization and;
(b) Board operations refer to the activities conducted by board members.

Management Practice Manual

The Management Practice Policy and Procedure Manual are developed for SADO and it is intended to serve as a guideline for the SADO’s internal control system.

Service Delivery Manual

The purpose of this manual is to ensure proper design, effectiveness, relevance and sustainability of SADO programs so that these contribute positively towards its mission, goals and objectives. In this regard, SADO shall:

(a) Mobilize stakeholders to participate in all project cycle phases being planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.
(b) Establish clear selection criteria for its program/thematic and geographical areas of intervention.
(c) Enhance the capacity of staff and project beneficiaries (empowerment) in all its areas of intervention.

External relations manual

SADO recognizes stakeholders as any person(s), group(s) or organization(s) that can lay a reasonable claim on the organization’s attention, resources and services. SADO recognizes other development organizations, beneficiaries, donors, government/ authorities, networks, general funders and supporters as its stakeholders.
This policy aims to achieve effective representation of stakeholder’s interest and cause them to support project implemented by SADO. SADO shall pursue mutual collaboration by recognizing stakeholders as partners in all its programs activities and other operations. In this respect SADO shall:

(a) Enact mechanism for the identification of key stakeholders.
(b) Enact mechanism for the promotion of partnership with stakeholders.
(c) Attempt to integrate stakeholders’ interests/activities into its processes.

Financial Policies & Procedures Manual

The purpose of the financial policies and procedures manual is to;

(a) Define the financial policies, controls, systems and procedures and establish a standard basis for official decisions, actions and accountabilities and the general financial operations of SADO.
(b) Give guidance on financial reporting requirements.
(c) Ensure a uniform accounting practice within and across SADO.

Human Resource & Administration Manual

SADO considers its staff as the most important asset and therefore it is essential that all staff have clear guidance on the minimum standards necessary to ensure that SADO manages its employees well.

The procedures and guidelines in this Personnel Policy contain information which aims to provide staff with an appropriate working environment, where each person will access clear information, enjoy good direction and information of the organizations decision-making process i n relation to human resource issues.

Procurement Manual

Procurement Manual The provisions of this manual, shall govern the award of procurement contracts by SADO.

Sustainability Manual

SADO shall always endeavour to secure and manage diverse financial resources to enable it run its business in a stable and continuous manner. To enable this, policies and strategies shall be pursued geared towards the sustainability of its programs and continued operations. Other manuals include anti-corruption and fraud, and Safeguarding against Sexual Exploitation and Abuse and Sexual Harassment (SEAH).