Changing Livelihoods Style For FFA Project

Meet Ahmed Nuur Salat, a 50-year-old, a farmer living in Bardera, Jubba-land Somalia, a father of 6 children. Ahmed had been struggling low farm production for the last 10 years due to persistent climate shocks and lack of high-quality seeds as well as in adequate farm tools, this had forced Mohamed and his family to stop farming and face food insecure situation. ‘’ The season was good and I was planning to plant sorghum, cowpea and cash crop at my farm in Mardha, unfortunately I had no income to buy high quality seeds and farm tools to realize my dream, together with all those challenges, I couldn’t afford to farm’’ he explains. On April,2021, SADO/NCA registered Ahmed Nuur salat as a beneficiary of food for asset rehabilitation livelihood project and he received four months food voucher support (April, -July,2021) which is equivalent to $280, Ahmed also received high quality seeds of cash crop and farm tools well and this had ignited the moral of Ahmed and his family and had got a courage and moral support to restart their farm activities. “Not only are we benefitting from the food we received from SADO/NCA, but we have also benefitted the high-quality seeds and farms tools as well and shall continue to store our own seeds in the future. There a was a Sudan grass in the seeds we received from SADO/NCA and it has played a great role in saving a pasture for our livestock and selling it as well.” Says Ahamed. With the seeds and farm tools I received, I am In a good position to maintain farming activities and produce more food in the future, and this will enable me to cater my livelihood bills including the school fees for my children and my medical expenses as well”. Ahmed explained. SADO field team had witnessed Ahmed doing his farming activities and producing food.